Create the ultimate indoor garden for plants or collectables by adding a vinyl garden window to any room. The custom made nature of Bristol vinyl garden windows makes them a perfect addition to an area where there was once no window.

Bristol Vinyl Garden Window Features:
  • QUALITY HARDWARE - Operational ease every time.
  • BIRCH or OAK VENEER over 1-1/4 PLYWOOD - Accepts stains or paint.
  • PROJECTION - Ample room for plants and decorative items.
  • DOUBLE LOCKS and SCREENS ARE STANDARD - Maximum security and ventilation.
  • FUSION-WELDED ONE-PIECE SASH - Stability and beauty while eliminating draft.
  • 3 PANES OF GLASS - Strength and maximum insulating air space. Two LAYERS OF HEAT REFLECTIVE LOW-E - Turns reg. glass into smart glass. Holds heat during the winter, reflects it in the summer. Add light & reduce unwanted solar glare and damaging rays.
  • SUPER BR50 SPACER - Bonds glass permanently for a seal that virtually eliminates glass failures
  • Maintenance Free Vinyl - No painting, scrapping, peeling, chipping or rusting. Save time, money and energy
  • Easy cleaning - Casement end vents open a full 900.
  • CUSTOM-MADE - Always built to your specifications.
  • VINYL CLAD ALUMINUM FRAME - Beauty and Strength for a lifetime. COLORS THAT COMPLIMENT - White, Beige, Brown or Woodgrain INTERIOR. White EXTERIOR.

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Insulating Glass Top
Bristol's character is centered on a super insulating glass system that has one primary goal; To save you money, energy and time! The only way to guarantee you energy savings for a lifetime is to build an insulating system that accentuates a uniquely designed frame.

Recognizing that glass itself cannot provide the energy efficiency needed to meet the above standards Bristol's Super Triple-E glass includes all of the following:
  • 3 pieces of Top Quality American-Made  Precision Float Glass
  • Two air spaces with an overall 1" insulating space.
  • 2 Soft Coat Low-E Layers -- atomically thin metallic particles that provide the optimum in heat reflective performance while retarding ultraviolet rays.
  • BR50 Thermoplastic Spacer System -- Continuous nonmetallic spacer creates an unbreakable bond
  • ALPHA-10 Insulating Gas -- A special mixture of safe, nontoxic, nonflammable inert gases fills both air spaces to create the ultimate in barriers against unwanted energy loss, condensation and noise. Availability ranges from double glass clear to the most popular and most energy efficient Super Triple E with dual Low-E glass side and dual Alpha-10 gas filled chambers.
Window Colors Top
Warm vinyl colors provide a comfortable blend to any decor. Never needs painting. Won't chip or peel. Vinyl colors are through and through.
  • Exterior Colors: White, Beige or Brown
  • Interior Colors: White, Beige, Brown or Woodgrain
  • Combinations Exterior/Interior: White/Woodgrain, Beige/Woodgrain, Brown/Woodgrain
  • Exterior Solar Reflective Finish (SRF) adds 16 warm exterior colors to pick from

Note:  Woodgrain options not available on hoppers, 600 series, circletops, eyebrows and other specialty shapes.

Art Glass Top

The elegance of Bristol's Art Glass enlightens Bristol's Ultimate Replacement Windows with additional style, beauty and charm. State-of-the-art manufacturing makes this distinctive look available at very affordable costs.

This unigue feature adds an account of a fine architecture! It is designed to complement your home's beauty with a definite distinction. Two diffeerent patterns include the choice of center sides and top etched with frosted patterns and corners beveled, or corners with beveling and frosted pattern.

Care Free Beauty - No additional cleaning ever required because materials are between two panes of glass.

Internal Grids Top
Choose from over 50 standard rectangular, diamond or hub grid patterns. Grids are available in white, beige, brown woodgrain and gold colors. Hub grids can have etched corners that give the look of a real circle top configuration.

Internal grids compliment your homes design and you never have the hassle and inconvenience of cleaning in between grid panes.

Decorative Glass Top
Choose from many decorative glass patterns and styles that include everything from etched or beveled to stained and leaded patterns. Patterns are on exposed inside surface of glass.

Add your very own personal touch by submitting your own artwork to be transformed onto your glass. Obscure glass is available for locations where you want to let filtered light in while blocking the view from outsiders.

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Window Warranty Top
A 50-year transferable warranty means homeowner protection for the original owner and for  new owners in the event of selling your home. This feature adds value to your investment and your home. 

Recent studies prove that a major home remodeling project can recoup as much as 92% in value upon selling.

Bristol windows carry a 50-year transferable warranty for your protection.  If, for any reason, our insulating glass should fail it is warranted and will be replaced. Our three-year glass breakage pledge protects you from accidents beyond your control.  Dealerships warrant their craftsmanship in installation.
Installation Methods Top

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